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great advice taken from RS on German-speaking part of Switzerland

Been using his books for almost 30 years and I just started using the forum (now time to pay back with some hopefully decent advice). A few years ago I traveled Switzerland. I went everywhere except the big mountain country (too acrophobic--see the movie "Vertigo"--besides I don't prefer very small towns). Enjoyed Murten and **Appenzell the most, both recommended. Nice folks in both places. Stayed at recommended hotel (sorry forgot name). It was great. In my mind, Appenzell was the best and most natural. Suggest you rent a car for at least a day and zoom around. Trains great too. Saw the cows with bells running through the town square. Loved Switzerland!!!! Bern was all right and Zurich in my opinion to too big and "bustling"--but a couple of nice art museums and nice if you like that sort of thing.

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