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Go to Portugal !

1 Cannot believe Portugal, places we have been anyway, is kept so clean— except for cigarette butts. Porto, Algarve towns, Lisbon: all so clean to put US cities to more shame.

2 Using R Steves Portugal book for handy reference along with looking, seeing whats to experience.

3 Absolutely universal adherence on public transport to proper masking. We took many, many transits in Porto, Algarve, Lisbon and on each and every people wore masks. On streets and at the international soccer (!) game masks were less prevalent— but we were outside and we are VACCINATED.

4 Monastery in Lisbon tickets are ridiculous to obtain. No online. Long long lines at the Archeological Museum. Lisboa card can be downloaded, but a physical card is necessary for voucher (lines lines) at the Archeological Museum or TI kiosk, which was closed on Tuesday. Went into the free admission church instead— a Renaissance Art aficionado and teacher, a religious Catholic,

I was glad to be in a spiritual place, but underwhelmed by the structure.

***** Left there and went to the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga ( p 91 Steves Portugal book). Slow lunch in garden and then some real appreciated Renaissance Art. Highly recommended- 2 admissions son Ian & me 9 euros.

5 trolleys— meh. 1 ride is enough. Did 1 in clean Porto. All in Lisbon seemed over packed.

6 Viadem card in Lisbon worked well. Lisboacard got us many trips, but offerings of Lisboa card were not worth our time and extra money.

7 TAP air from Porto thru Lisbon to Faro worked fine and within reasonable price. Fast train for 2 Albufiera to Lisbon was 32 euros.

8 Covid tests pre soccer and for USA reentry— with TAP (Portugal Air) tix @ aeroporto 21 euros each and had results (2 negatives) in 1/2 hr

9 Douro Valley wine tour with Sergio—Portugal E V Tours was worth the quite expensive price.

Tesla X ride from Porto, 3 wineries, vineyards, sights, 1hr Douro river boat, lunch, etc. for 11 hours. Beyond terrific.

10 Utilized Steves Video and books extensively. Our budget: you’re only old once. ab

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My capital letters only included sentence beginnings and proper nouns— except VACCINATED. If one wants to visit Europe , get VACCINATED. If one desires to remain in the US and protect oneself and society, get VACCINATED. Enjoyed 2 unmatched weeks while being VACCINATED & in Portugal. ab