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Getting in to San Marco in Venice early April

What is the best way to see San Marco during Holy Week? I guess I goofed because I do not see the way to buy advanced tickets -it looks sold out - is it better to go in the later afternoon? Would we be able to score last minute late night tours while there?

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Currently TripAdvisor has daytime tickets available on April 2, 3, 4, and 5. My preference is to always use the official website but sometimes that supply may be exhausted or committed.

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I'm not sure this is helpful, because I went to San Marco late last September (but will it really be busier during Holy Week?). I neglected to try to get an online entry ticket until the day I wanted to go to fhe basilica, so I ended up in line. The line was very long at around 10 AM, but a knowledgeable fellow in front of me said it would only take about half an hour to get in, and he turned out to be right. I'm not saying the line never exceeds 30 minutes, just that it may not be as bad as it looks.

They illuminate the interior around the middle of the day, so that's when you get the very best look at the mosaics. It takes quite a long time to see the church, especially if you want to take photographs. I'd try for an entry time before the lights are turned on so you have a lot of time under the best conditions. But I am nuts for mosaics.

Be sure to include the museum upstairs, which gives you a closer view of the mosaics and a great view of the piazza.

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If you can find an after dark tour (a San Marco After Darko as I called it for my 2017 trip), it is worth the spend. I cannot imagine it overrun with tourists, though everything on the strip between the San Marco Piazza, the Rialto, and the train station, while the sun is above the horizon is thusly crammed. Also, the After Darko allows photography (wife blew through nearly 300 digital shots in our time there). Sadly, Viator is sold out of those at the moment during Holy Week, as it Get your Guide. It might be that they aren't running it that week, or it could be completely sold out. It is a cathedral during one of the two holiest weeks in the Liturgical Calendar, so it might be something that just won't happen. Or, maybe you can show up to the entrance to the Correr Museum and see if you can bribe your way onto the tour, paying the guide cash directly.

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no luck getting tickets so my choices are waiting in line or attending mass on Holy Thursday at 6 - this may be the best option to see the frescoes lit up - I don't know how long they let you linger in the church after mass.