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Getting around in Greece and Croatia Jone 2013

Our family of 3 just returned froun our trip around the Adriatic (Greece, Croatia, North Italy) where we had a great time and minimal problems. We always use Rick's books as a starting point for sightseeing and accomodations because they are usually spot on with what we like (old / creaky and local atmossphhere). Our main takeaway from our trip this June is that if you are a family of at least 3 it is almost as cheap to use a taxi for long excursions as it is to deal with the hassle of buses and boats in Greece and Croatia which we found near impossible to rely on schedule more than a week in advance. By all means take them if they run that day, but we used a taxi to take us from Athens to Nafplio and Delphi instead of a bus or tour. For a family of 3 the cost for our own taxi driver was the same cost as a bus tour to Delphi but since he was ours he picked us up at our hotel stopped where we wanted to stop and gave a local history and tour guide narration on the way. All for 250 Euro. May seem like a lot of money, but no headaches or stress, and about the same cost for a charter bus tour. We also Used the same driver to take us to Nafplio, but on the way he took us to Epidavros and Mycenae both of which Rick recommends seeing the second day in Nafplio. By taking the taxi from Athens and visiting Corinth, Epidavros, Mycenae on the way we saved a day and the hassle. By saving a day in a hotel and the cost of renting a taxi in Nafplio the taxi trip paid for itself. Lastly, the boat from Nafplio to Hydra decided to not run that day so took a taxi to the port near Hydra. It was 100 Euro, but saved our schedule and was a good ride at only double the cost of a boat trip.
Basically, take a boat or bus if you want, but for dependabilty and efficiency a taxi is well worth the money and in the end does not cost much more. Also, its air conditioned!!

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