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Gett App in Jerusalem Experience

Two days ago; I returned home from Israel / Palestine but want to share a negative taxi experience I had using the Gett App while there.
This app works similar to Uber where you can see how far the driver is and what license plate number to look for. As the driver approached, my phone rang and it sounded like all was good except the license plate number did not match nor did it show the name Gett on the taxi. I asked why and did not understand what the driver said but he did show me my email address in his phone so I assumed all was OK.
I did not like the area the Gett driver took me to and according to a road sign I was going to Bethlehem. Fortunately, there was a red light so I bailed out of the car in heavy traffic. The driver proceeded to follow me in his taxi and kept calling my phone number after I lost him. I found two women who helped me find the light rail line so I could take the train to my hotel.
The next morning, I told my hotelier about it. He said he would call “Jamal” who would take care of me. Jamal and I agreed that I would pay him for each transport and I would call his cell phone each time I needed to be picked up then wait 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Jamal grew up in Jerusalem and is fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English so there was no language barrier. Never once did I feel I was overcharged.
The day before I left Jerusalem, Jamal drove me to Bethlehem where I toured the Christian sights before continuing on to Jericho through a spacious mountainous dessert. No camera could capture this dramatic landscape that is crowded with mountains, it goes on for a while and you never get tired of the view. Afterwards Jamal drove me to the River Jordan where we sat and enjoyed a pretty leafy spot overlooking the country of Jordan.
The next day I moved on to Tel Aviv and needed to take a taxi from the train station to my hotel. There were several Gett taxis waiting so I asked a driver if he could take me to my hotel and he told me how much it would cost which wasn’t much and he did not raise the price when he dropped me off.
I highly suggest hiring a driver in Jerusalem to get around if you plan on taking taxis. Ask your hotelier for a recommendation or email Jamal at His phone number is 0522 967 965 or +972 522 967 965.

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