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Germany - Prague, May 2012

Germany – Czech Republic May 2012 1st Rave: Noise reducing headphones for the flight. Never fly again without them Munich: Have always loved Munich and always will. I tried 2 new beer gardens this year and was blown away. Menterschwiege and Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe are worth a visit if you are a beer garden fan. Prague: Wasn't too impressed with Prague. The food and beer were ok. However, the crowds, trash, and graffiti really take away from the beauty of the city. Kampa Island is a great retreat from the crowds and a good place to stop, have lunch, and decompress. Dresden: Dresden was beautiful and I look forward to returning.
Berlin: I completely underestimated how BIG Berlin is. You better put on your walking shoes if you are going to tour Berlin. Lunch at the TV tower was fun though. Really enjoyed that. Compared to most cities I've seen in Germany, Berlin is new, fast paced, and exciting. It may have lots of history, but you really get the feel that Berlin is trying to move past that and enter a new era. 2nd Rave: Ristorante Giorgio in the Schoneberg District has the best Italian food I've ever eaten. Absolutely amazing!

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Great post! I'm with you on Prague. Beautiful, but crowded and easily "done" in a few days.
I also agree with you about Berlin. It's my favorite city and I love how it's new and exciting. I could spend weeks there and find something else to do!