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General tips #4

#6 Take lots of adapters for US electrical equipment: battery/phone chargers, shaver, etc. I was able to get a dozen for just over $12 from a web site I found via Although we probably never used more than six at a time, it was nice to have extras just in case we needed them. They're small and extremely light weight. (I'm talking about adapters, not power converters. You may need a power converter for some types of equipment, but check to see if the voltage in the country you're visiting is within the range of voltages your equipment an handle before spending a not-insubstantial amount of money on a converter. Converters are VERY heavy, not easy to pack or explain to customs officials who don't/won't speak English, and may burn out if you use them when it's not necessary (as an adapter). The one we took to France in 2010 overheated and burned out because we used it as an adapter (didn't have enough) and left it plugged into a phone charger. Fortunately, it didn't start a fire.

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