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General tips #3

#4 I didn't want to deal with being immediately identified as a tourist by wearing short pants (even though I took a pair probably won't in the future). So I took two pair of cargo pants one light-weight linen, the other heavy-weight cotton. The different weights made for comfort even on days where the temp approached 80F. The many pockets allowed me to stow my camera, passport, public transportation passes, apartment keys, etc. so my hands were free. AND the fact that the pockets had snap or button closures meant more though not total security from pickpockets. (Even in the most crowded and public places in a dozen European cities in eight years, we've never had a problem with pickpockets, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.) #5 In Germany and Austria, don't wait to be seated in a restaurant. If you do, you'll get all kinds of amused or puzzled looks from the locals, and you'll end up waiting a LONG time. In Italy, DO wait to be seated.

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