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General tips #2

#3 If you're going to be in Florence for a week or so, and want to see more than a couple of the main sites, consider becoming a Friend of the Uffizzi ( This is especially cost effective if you get the family membership. For €100, each member of the "family" gets unlimited access (and head-of-the-line privileges) for a year to dozens of sites in and around Florence. The sites include the Uffizzi Gallery, the Pitti Palace and all that's there, the Bargello National Museum, the Museum of the Medici Chapels, the Museum of Palazzo Davanzati, the Museum of San Marco, the Accademia Gallery, and many more. There were two of us in our family, and we saw all the member sites in Florence (none of those outside the city). Had we bought individual tickets for each, we'd have spend about €40 apiece. We'd have to have gone to each of the sites (including those outside of town) to spend €50 apiece. HOWEVER, not having to wait in lines to buy tickets at each site and then wait in another line to get in was worth €10 to me, since I have problems with my feet that make standing in lines difficult. (Be prepared, when the guard ushers you right into the building, to be heckled by a few of those waiting in the line to get in.)

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Great tips Andrew! I especially like the idea of looking at the cost of a museum membership if you're staying in one city for more than a few days. It would be nice to have unlimited access! Thank you!

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The Firenze Card is also a good option and one that I plan on buying for my trip. Cost is €50 per person but is only good for 72 hrs. (The first site you visit starts the clock ticking.) It is good for 60 different museums, galleries, etc., provides free public transit access and also helps you avoid the general admission lines.