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Frontier Airline Baggage Rules

Hi All! Just flew Frontier Airline for first time. Here are some baggage rules.
1). Fee for carry-on luggage (weight limit = 35 lb.s)
2). Fee for checked luggage (weight limit = 50 lb.s)
3). No fee for personal "underseat" carry-on. Jackets can be carried-on as well.
Checked luggage is slightly cheaper than carry-on luggage fees. Paying online in advance is cheaper than paying at the airport. You can also call frontier in advance and pay over the phone for an extra 5$. We had to pay over the phone because the Frontier online system was down.
The personal "underseat" allowance is rather generous. The RS Appenzell and Patagonia travel tote made good flight bags.

You can get dimensions allowed directly from Frontier.

Hope this helps.

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Someone may fly Frontier to connect to a European flight out of the Denver hub or other major city. Or a European visiting the States may use Frontier to reach a destination out west.

Frontier has a slightly mind-numbing website full of options and add-ons, and so many people choose to "bundle." I'm tall and flying Frontier in my case pretty much requires paying extra for the exit row or the extra leg room. Folks, if you've never flown Frontier or haven't flown them since they adopted the budget model, be prepared for lower grade seats depending on your row, teeny-tiny lap trays, and little to no leg room. And if you order the $2 bottomless coffee, you'll have to ask them for refills.

It's an, er, adventure. :) With all that said, they've gotten me where I need to go and within the arrival time printed on my itinerary.