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From Pescara to Montagnana - public transportation.

When I arrive in a city, the first thing I want to do is taste it. That's what happened in Montagnana, a city I have wanted to visit since I saw its medieval walls on an Italian stamp over thirty years ago.

But back to the beginning of this segment:

I arrived in Pescara and stayed at a B&B a short walk from the Porta Nuova train station. The Dimora Novecento is very comfortable, great service, eggs freshly made to order at breakfast, and a 15-20 minute walk into the centromere storico. I was continuing to work, so I didn't see much of the city.

A few days later, back to the train station to get to Ancona (with train changes in L'Aquila and Sulmona. I had no time to visit my beloved L'Aquila, but there are more cranes along the skyline than last year, so it's rebirth is flourishing after the devastating earthquake in 2009. The train station in Sulmona has one of the best tavola calda I've ever seen: four or five primi, as many secondi, and a dozen contorni choices.

Ancona: It's a surprisingly charming town, with bus stops linking the major piazze. My hotel, however, was at the third flight of stairs (I counted 58 of them). A very nice stranger took my suitcase up to the hotel entrance. I breathlessly arrived a minute later. The hotel is more of a business hotel, but well-located, except for the stairs. There is, alternatively, a traffic ramp that goes around the back. Fortunately, Cafe Veneto is near the foot of the stairs, offering a choice of home-made pastas, secondi, and contorni. Delicious mini-panini for one euro each, and an array of pastries. The Piazza Roma fountains lead to a piazza filled with restaurants, and on a side street is Bonte de Marche pizzeria (it's full restaurant is in that Piazza), the best thin-crust pizza ever, sold in gigantic slices cut from an enormous round pie.

Vicenza is another gem, I walked around the centro storico every day, but was finishing my project so spent a lot of time at the B&B, to which I will not return.

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Sounds delicious!
Lordy, I would need all those stairs to work off the pastries and giant slabs of pizza.

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I believe you shared the post on Rieti? I am researching Rieti now, the walks on the Via Frangia (St. Francis way) interest me very much.
I have been doing some research on a trip to Umbria and Marche region.

I am interested in L'Aquila and Sulmona also. But it looks it is difficult to get these towns from the Umbria (Spoleto area)
I use the Rome to Rio site a lot to get some idea of how to move around using public transport, strongly prefer trains, but will use buses if necessary.
It appears that getting to L'Aquila and Sulmona from the Umbria region requires a long detour to get to Ancona.
Is that correct? Is there a better way to get there...or should that be another trip, perhaps coming from the north, Bologna perhaps?

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Ann, from Spoleto to Rieti is about 90 minutes by train. L'Aquila is about an hour by train from Rieti, Sulmona is a little further. Trenitalia shows all the schedules.