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France so far

We are now in France….Bayeux…second night. Love this quaint town! Saw tapestry and lovely Cathedral today. Staying at Hotel Reine Mathilde. Nice comfortable room! Even has a French balcony. Great location. We are doing the full day tour of WW2 sites with Overlord tours tomorrw. So thankful to be here! A few Americans. Few tourists. About French health passé. My husband received his code…after 2 tries…after 4 times trying I gave up. Have been refused at one restaurant. Most accept vaccine cards. Feels safe and welcomed.

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Love Bayeux! We also took an Overlord Tour and loved it…..and were advised by a friend that was a Normandy Scholar in college to make certain and visit the English Cemetery after seeing the American and German. The English one is in Bayeux…you can walk there….and it is very special. The English, unlike the Americans, allowed the families of the deceased to put personal messages on the gravestones and plant flowers around the graves……makes for a lovely setting. Sobering to see the ages of the young men buried there…..each cemetery is so different! Bayeux has so much to offer……make sure you visit their cathedral!

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We love Bayeux too, have stayed there 8+ times. So glad you’re enjoying it. we’ll be in Paris on the 15th, thank you for sharing that your CDC card has been enough, many others have said the same, but always good to hear. Where are you going next?

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I am so looking forward to going to Bayeux when I visit Paris next spring. I wish the Rick Steves 7 days in Paris tour included a day trip to Bayeux and Normandy!

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I'll be at the Reine Mathilde in 12 days. Waiting to hear from Overlord Tours about booking with them after the original company I booked canceled on me.

Also still waiting for my health pass. The French government has to come up with an additional way to get the pass if they can't get to them all online.

Or are they purposely not giving out as many passes as they could so those who don't get it will pay for a test every three days?

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You will love Bayeux! And Reine Mathilde! We had waited to book our Overlord Tour until there. Reserved it online day before we took it. Wonderful! My only regret is also waiting and not checking out the Bayeux Shuttle or Hotel Churchill shuttle to Mont St Michel. Those are not yet running since covid. Did not realize that. We did not want an all day tour….only a shuttle to see it independently. We had to schedule a late afternoon PCR test that day and needed to be back before all day tours there ended. Phamarcy test sooo easy and quick! And….We did not want to rent a car. It’s an out of the way place…so difficult to get back to! Oh well….Otherwise we loved our Normandy time!
Leaving Paris for Reim and then Trier where we board our Viking cruise.
Weather very changeable in Normandy. Keep rainwear handy. Paris was better and glorious! My husband had his health passé before in US. . I got mine 5 days in. Not a problem for us. Feel welcomed and safe!