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Continued... But I had to continue my itinerary. So Thursday morning I headed back to the airport to pick up a rental car for the trip to Normandy. I decided while I was there to go to Air France myself to see what I could do to get my bag. I was afraid if I didn't get my bag then I probably wouldn't see it again until I got back to Paris the next week. I was going to spend two days or so seeing the D-Day beaches, then drive to and stay at Mont St. Michel, then go to Chartres, then back to Parisall without my suitcase with everything in it??? Don't think so. After about 15 minutes of asking around, I found my way to the Air France baggage claim office, buzzing me into a back hallway. A nice rep there called around for about 10 minutes and finally located the suitcase on the way at that moment to AA and then somehow to be delivered to me, wherever I was. They caught it just in time. It was re-routed back to the airport and, after another half-hour of waiting, the bag appeared. AA did reimbuse me for the expenses. But, even with the loss of the bag and the inconvenience, it didn't spoil the trip. Just another "adventure" along the way. Things always could have been worse. Hey, when your walking around Paris and Omaha Beach, it would take a lot more than an absent suitcase to ruin it. Tom W. Denver, CO

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AA gave you $500 to buy new clothes in Paris, and you couldn't find anything you liked? Oh, please. If that had happened to me, I would have headed straight for La Marais, the garment district. I'd feel like a kid in a candy store, lol. Seriously, though, I'd like to know how you went about getting the cash. I've had my bag lost for 3 - 4 days, and never got any compensation of any kind. You were smart to have the essentials with you in your carry-on.

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Tom, we are waiting for next installment, enjoying in reading your reports.
I have to agree that I would easily been able to find some clothes for 500 bucks, and no way would I have gone out of central paris and wasted much time. You could have just wandered up Boulevard St Michel and hit a string of shops,, I would have had no problem , perhaps males are just not good shopppers( lol ) or if into malls ,hello, Chatelet les Halles is a big mall with lots of shops right in center of touristy area! Who sent you out of center area. how many clothes do you need for a few days? Two pairs of pants, 4-5 tops ( plus what you were wearing) , some socks and undies and you could have made do. .

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Thanks for your replies. I was directed to a mall up in the Montparnesse district. I did find some clothes I liked. I felt there wasn't a great ion at the stores I went to, which were C&A and Celio. I just wanted to get something quick and get back to sight-seeing. All my clothes, toothpaste and toothbrush were in my suitcase. But I never let it all bother me too much. I just bought what I needed and kept going. I spent $302 and just got a refund check for that amount, and an apology, from American Airlines last week. Tom W.

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Your story is exactly why I carry on my bag every time. A few years ago I flew US Airways to Europe for a 2-week vacation and they lost my checked bag for my entire trip. And they would only compensate me $75, even though I spent over $200 for new train tickets (I missed my train because I was filing a claim report), clothing, and toiletries.

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Enjoyed your report Tom, and love your attitude... that you didn't let it get to you and you still enjoyed your time in Paris.