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Continued... Of course, the trip wasn't without its issues. The biggest one was no suitcase for the first four days I was there. At Denver's airport, the American Airlines plane that would take me to Chicago for an Air France flight to Paris wouldn't work. So after a few hours of waiting, they finally announced it wasn't going to happen and they would help get us on other flights. I jumped into a long slow line that led to a flight to Dallas and then an AA flight to Paris. But they forgot to retrieve my bag. It ended up on the Air France flight. After signing up at baggage claim in Paris to begin the search, I headed for the city with just my carry-on. The next morning I called the number on the form and the AA rep told me they are starting the search. But no time frame was given for when I would get the suitcase. There was nothing much more I could do so I let that go and went out to sight-see. The next two mornings I got the same answer, and here I am in the same t-shirt, shorts and underwear I left Denver with. I left Denver Saturday and by Wednesday I still had no bag. That Tuesday it was rainy, windy and cold so, half drenched, I had to change plans and head back to the hotel. It cleared up later and I went out to Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees and saw a very pretty Paris sunset from the top of the arch. However, AA did give me a $500 allowance to buy clothes. Which I did, spending three hours traveling by bus to a Paris mall and wandering around buying clothes and shoes. The mall was a pale facsimile to what we have here. Not a great selection of clothing. Continued...

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