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I spent 11 days in France in September. I took the train out of DeGaulle and changed to subway train C at St. Michel Notre Dame then to train 8 to the Ecole Militaire station. I walked up into the bright warm sun and onto a teeming Paris street at the intersection of Av de la Bourdinnais and Av Bousquet. After acclimating to the Paris scene for a few minutes, I made a five minute walk to Hotel Kennsington, a small well-kept hotel with good service and a closet-sized elevator. The room was nice but small, fine for a single guy like me. I opened the sixth story window, looked out and there was the Eifel Tower standing tall and proud above the buildings, two-thirds of it anyway, and only a few blocks away. Although it took 22 hours to get to the hotel from my place in Denver, I went right out to begin seeing the sights. Continued...

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