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France 09

I've only just discovered this forum, so here's a very belated report of my trip. I went to France in a group during high school. The tour was 10 days, coast to coast, covering Paris, Versailles, Normandy (D-Day beaches), Mont St Michel, St. Malo, Loire Valley, Grasse, and Nice. Mont St Michel is something I recommend that everyone take time to visit. It is magnificent. I'm not sure about the access for those who are disabled. It is definitely a good place for those of all ages to visit. Versailles was also glorious. However, I would not recommend the grounds tour. I can't remember the cost of the tour, but I remember the transport was two, three-row carts chained together and a CD player taped to the roof of the cart was our guide (the CD was broken, too, that was a bonus). St. Malo is quite the scenic maritime town, but everything closes at 5 pm, so if you would like to stop by and see it, make sure you provide your own nighttime entertainment. I recommend taking a visit to all of the places I listed, perhaps not St. Malo. I cannot wait until I can go back to France next year!

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I must include my tour guide issues. Not all tour guides are created equal and unfortunately I drew the shortest straw. I highly doubt I will go on a multi-day guided tour again. In Paris, she had neglected to point out elevators in some of the landmarks. I, and one of the other group members, have asthma and one chaperone had to use a cane because of a bad knee. At the Arc d'Triomphe, me and the other asthmatic tried the stairs, but it took us quite a long time. When we reached the top, first thing we saw was an elevator and if you have a valid medical reason, you may use it. That is something a tour guide should know, or find out. Our tour guide was completely unhelpful in that sense. I went off on my own half the time to find people who worked there to ask questions. Also, we had been instructed to give a list of dietary restrictions before the trip and it had been completely ignored. One of the girls on the trip was allergic to shellfish and had been given 3 separate shellfish dishes during the trip and had to ask the waiter for a poultry substitute. You'd think after the first dish, the tour guide would make a note and make arrangements. Aside from the tour guide, my trip to France was wonderful.

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That sounds like an amazing trip. I have been to Paris many times. And there's always something new. Does anyone have any suggestions for the south of France. What beaches can you go to ? I've read that some of them are private.