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First Europe Trip March-April 2010

My parents and I took our first European trip in 2010. We flew from Seatac airport and landed in London at Heathrow. We had about 2 hours to kill till our flight to Rome. We ate at a cafe (so sorry, forgot the name) but it had a fake giraffe there. the food was really good. i found it humorous that the prices were in Pounds since I am so used to Dollars. After lunch I walked to a store in the airport to buy a London Guard teddy bear. When I got to the register to pay I handed him 20 pounds since the bear was like 16 .50. He asked me in a English accent, "Do you have 50 pence?" I said "I am sorry, I am American, I don't know the currency here." He was very polite and helped me with the money and I got my bear!!!! We waited in line for our flight to Rome and all these Italian kids were talking so fast in Italian, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to communicate. When we landed in Rome, I took a picture of a European toilet, since it was different from American toilets. It was about 8 at night and we were very tired, so we were lazy and took a van to out hotel and payed about 45 euros. The next day we walked around the Colosseum and bought out Roma pass in the Colosseum Termini station. We used our first free entry for the Colosseum and we walked around for about two hours. We found out from a local that you can combine the Colosseum and the Roman forum as one entry. We tried to get into the Roman forum but it was closed for the night. So we stayed around the Colosseum until dark and took some night shots and then took a taxi to the Trevi fountain. We were tired after that so we went back to our hotel for some sleep. The next day we woke up early and took the train to Florence for the day.

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The next day we woke up early and took the train to Florence for the day. We went into the Accademia and took pictures of David. Oops...... We then walked across the bridge on the Arno river and had a snack at a cafe. It was so cool seeing the Chalk drawings, they were so life like. We then walked back to the main piazza with the copy of David and went into the church and then saw the Duomo. My mom bought a purse. We has enough of Florence so we headed back to Rome. The next we went to the Borghese gallery. We loved Bernini's statues. Then we went to the National Museum of Rome, pretty cool. We then took a taxi to the Pantheon, saw it, and then walked to the Trevi Fountain. The next day we got a tour of the Vatican and saw St. Peter's Basilica. We then went to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. That was our time in Rome. We took a train from Rome to Venice and stayed at the Hotel Danieli. On our first day we saw St. Mark's Cathedral and Doge's palace and the bridge of sighs. The next day we went shopping and my mom bought a murrano glass bracelet. We walked on the Rialto bridge and I bought a mask. The third day was at our leisure. The next day we took a train to Munich and walked the Marienplatz and had dinner and some beer at the Hofbrauhaus. The second day we went to Salzburg. The third day we went to Oberammergau and my parents bought a cuckcoo clock. We then drove to Triberg and saw gutach falls and I bought a cuckcoo clock. The last day in Germany we drove to Fussen and toured the castle and spent the night in Zurich. The next day we flew back to London to go home but there was a fire in one of the towers, so we missed our plane home so we had to spend the night in London. The next morning we got a limo ride for three through the city for 99 pounds for all 3 of us. We saw: Buckingham palace, Big Ben and Trafager square. Then we flew home.

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Brendon, thanks for posting your trip report, sounds like you had a wonderful time and lots of new experiences,, hopefully more to come.

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Awesome trip report, Brendon. How old are you? I am thinking about taking my kids to Europe soon. I hope they have as good a time as you did.

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Delecia, I am 27. I was 25 when I went. It was actually my idea to go.