Family traveling Tarifa to Fez

to get to Fez you can take a train but can not book the tickets until you are in Morocco. We are a family of 7 traveling in December and i am not sure I am comfortable not being able to book rail tickets in advance. are there any guides/tour operators that you found when you were there that are reputable and pick up at the ferry. I am trying to decide either to do ourselves which is our normal way of traveling or book a tour. Its hard to decipher if the tour organizers are real or not. Thanks, Milana

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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According to The Man In Seat 61 (an expert in rail matters), you are correct that tickets in Morocco cannot be booked in advance; however, he also says this is not a problem. The link has details about the few routes (sleepers) you do need to worry about. He says seat reservations in second class aren't even possible (all seats there are unreserved).

Posted by Ms. Jo
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This section of the Helpline is for Trip Reports, so after you take your trip, come back and tell us all about it. What worked, and what didn't, what you enjoyed or not. You should probably delete your question here and post it in the correct section.