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Europe trip June15-July 1 part 2

We then walked to the grand place and saw the Mannekin pis, we were very disapointed. Some man was selling escargot next to us, the smell was horrific and pungent. After that we walked to a chocolate store and bought my sister some Mannekin pis shapesd chocolate for a gag. When we walked back to the car, we were walking through a pedestrian only area and a car backed into me and hit my wrist really hard. The driver didn't even get out to see if I was okay, just sped off. My wrist was swollen our whole vacation. We then drove to Ghent where our B&B was, but we got lost several times again. Our B&B was a little hole in the wall next to some resteraunt and a castle. The next morning we drove to Bruges and saw the church of the holy blood and our saviors church. I aslo had a Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce, so good! My mom bought a lace table runner. I also bought a shirt that said Bruges on it. The next day we drove to Kinderdijkand saw the 19 windmills and polders, very pretty. We then drove to Delft and my mom bought some delft pottery. We also went to Knokke and walked on the beach. On our was to Luxemboutg, our next destination, we stopped by waterloo and climbed the stairs of the hill Napoleon fought on in 1815. We then drove to Luxembourg city, and yes, we got lost again. The enxt day we srove to Echternach and Ettlebruck and saw the Patton museum. We then drove to Bernlkastel-Kues in Germany on the Mosel, gorgeous town, and stopped by a Roman farm house in Mehring from the 3rd century.

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Hi, Good that you had the chance to see Waterloo, which can only be done effectively by having a car. There's much more to it than just the Lion's Hill, such as the museums and sites in the town, as well as the markers and other battlefield sites. I've only been there once, was motorised, and spent seversl hours seeing as much as possible...still had no time for the outlying villages.