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Europe trip June 15-July 1 2012

My parents and I took our second trip to Europe in June of 2012. We flew from Seatac aiport to Reykjavik Iceland. When we landed in Iceland we were pretty tired and the plane food didn't tie us over. We walked to a little cafe where they had hot sandwiches and other types of sanwdiches and cold drinks. I got a hot ham and cheese, plain but so delicious.I was amazed how such a simple sandwich could be so scrumptious. My mother bought some candy with a smurf on it. When we walked up to the csshier to pay, the price was umpteen thousand in Icelandic money. We told the cashier we were only here for a layover and only had euros, she glady accepted. After or snack we walked to our connecting flight to Brussels, which was another 3-4 hour flight. When we landed in Brussels, we went to get our rental car which we booked online. There was a huge mixup, the booking never went through. So, we had to go through another car rental agency and the man was very helpful and extremely friendly. the whole process took about an hour, I said some foul words. When we finally got our car we drove to the grand place, but got lost several times trying to find the place. Luckily the locals spoke some english and were glad to help. Since we were hungry again, we stopped at Pizza hut for some pizza and some pop/soda.

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