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After taking a 3 night cooking class at the Anna Tasca Lanza farm, we to spend 4 nights in Erice. Any suggestions for places to visit near Erice and Trapani?

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The island of Mozia is very interesting, along with the salt pans there.

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Segesta is nearby. Will you visit there? I don't know if you will have a car or will rely on public transportation and what you would consider as too far but one place I really liked was the town of Mazara del Vallo, about 78 km from Trapani. Not far from Mazara del Vallo are the beautiful ruins of Selinunte, right on the waterfront. It is a huge site and far less crowded than Agrigento. If you are interested in beaches look into San Vito lo Capo or Scopello.

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We have toured the whole island of Sicily. Segesta is one of the most dramatic and haunting sites on the island.

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I agree with Suki, except maybe for the word “haunting”. Certainly “isolated” in terms of being out in the middle of nowhere, no development nearby, except for the highway. BTW, I really loved Erice, mystical and magical town in the early morning and evening mists, great food!

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If you have a car and like hiking and beaches, look at Zingaro nature reserve. There's a hiking trail along the cliffs and periodic paths/steps down to beaches. Not sunbed and restaurant beaches but undeveloped rocky ones. I prefer that, but obviously it means you have to carry your stuff in with you. It can get crowded at the beaches near the entrances, but like anywhere else - walk farther in and there are fewer people. The town of Scopello is near one of the entrances and is a good place to stop on your way to or from for a meal.

I also second Segesta.

And of course Erice itself is great. We only did a day trip but arrived early (before 8AM) so got to enjoy some of the quiet in town before more people arrived. I assume it is even more quiet and mysterious at night - I'd be sure to get up early and go out later to experience that.

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You’ve received excellent suggestions by the previous posters!

When I was staying in Trapani, I visited Erice, as well as Segesta, via public transportation.

You may also consider visiting the island of Favignana, an easy ferry trip.

Enjoy your time in beautiful Sicily!