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Driving tickets

I just paid 3 tickets for 119 euros each for driving in Florence in a restricted zone in May 2011. I realize I drove in Florence and I was not aware of these areas, my fault.
But, I won't go back to Italy for a long while. I had already planned another trip but cancelled it. I spent my travel money on the fines. Just a warning to anyone who drives in the cities, be careful.

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That's a shame, Carol. Its also a shame you didn't know about us on the Helpline before your trip last year. There has been quite a tidal wave of discussions here over the years about the dreaded ZTL (zones of limited traffic in English) in Italy, particularly Florence. They are there to reduce pollution damage to buildings and people and manage the flow. Some intrepid Helpline member has even posted photos of the signs and a map showing all the ZTLs in Florence. I'm sorry it spoiled your memories of your holiday.

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You cancelled a trip back to Italy because you made the mistake. Wow. Would you do the same thing if you visited Dallas? I got a ticket there for talking on my cell phone while driving through a school zone. Who knew you Texans ticketed for that? Wouldn't stop me from returning to Dallas. The 112 degree Summer heat would but not a ticket that I got because I failed to see the signs denoting no talking on your cell phones while you drive through a school zone. In fact when I thought about it agreed the law is admirable.

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Carol, As Nigel mentioned, it's a shame you didn't have a look at the HelpLine prior to your trip, as there's an enormous amount of information concerning driving in ZTL areas, especially in Florence. Kent posted an excellent Map of the city, showing where all the automated Cameras are located. It's seems like a bit of an "extreme" reaction to cancel a trip due to ~US$452 of fines. You must be working with an extremely tight travel budget! Hopefully you'll be able to return to Italy in the not-too-distant future.

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I don't have a limited travel budget, I just choose not to spend it in Italy now. Too bad for me, I love Italy and so do the girls I travel with.