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I walked eighty-one miles in three days this week. No big deal, except: It was filling in missing giblets. I've now walked the perimeter of Wales, all 1,052 miles of it. It was done in its entirety without a money belt and no pickpockets were encountered. Herself had no idea what I was up to when I told Herself I was adding a few days to a Scotland trip. Herself had no idea what I'd done part of before Herself was honored to know me. Herself didn't know why I slipped into Wales periodically. Herself probably thought it had to do with a fancy woman. When I told Herself what I'd pulled off behind Herself's back, Herself offered to stage replacement boots if I wanted to try the same trick in China since it would keep me out of Herself's hair. All-time dumb trip report, but there ain't much to do in the Manchester Airport when it's getting late and the machine is due to get into the air at dawn plus twelve seconds.

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Congrats! What you've done is a great accomplishment. Will be anxiously waiting to hear you have done the same in China. ;-)

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Well done Ed, that's a real achievement. Puts you in a very select club I would imagine. If you decide not to do China then perhaps you could just do the coast of the British mainland. That's only 11,072.76 miles, according to the British Cartographic Society. If you are quick you could catch up with Ruth Livingstone, who started in Norfolk and has got as far as Cornwall:

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Very cool, Ed. Hope you'll post your future travel exploits.

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Well, not to diminish your accomplishment, because you've done 1052 miles more than me. But you aren't the first Edward to go around Wales, and he left a bunch of castles around. I think you've heard of them.

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Article with picture in today's NY Times on hiking the Welch coast. Thought of you.

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...and I thought my sights were set high thinking of doing the coast-to-coast walk from St. Bees...