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Does the Village Italy Tour go to Volterra?

I was reading reviews of the Village Italy Tour when I came across Cindy's review on 10/23/23. In that review, Cindy mentions a WOW moment of being in the city of Volterra. I don't see Volterra mentioned in the Itinerary, but my wife has always wanted to visit that city. We have that tour booked for the beginning of this June (2024), and I just wanted to know if the tour now goes there.

Thank you, in advance, for your reply.


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Mark & Sandee, it depends on the guide. There's at least one day where the choice of places to stop is up to the guide; when we took the tour I think the itinerary said something like "Visit your guide's favorite hill town." It was Volterra for us.

This is a wonderful tour, by the way, one I'd be tempted to take again. There have been several changes since we took it, but here's a link to my trip report:

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I agree with Jane. It depends on the guide and possibly other considerations after the guide consults with the bus driver, lol. I don't remember which hill town we stopped at but it was not Volterra as I've only been there once and that was on the Heart of Italy tour.