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Do It Again Tour

Has anyone taken a R/S tour and later decided to take the same tour again. I enjoyed the GAS tour so much a few years ago, I'm thinking about doing it again. The guide would be different , some hotels are different, and just wondered if anyone had "Done It Again" , and if they enjoyed it as much as the first one.

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We did the Best of Europe 21 Day tour back in 1999 and then several years later, after some independent travel and other tours, did the Best of Europe Bus Bed & Breakfast tour. It was the same itinerary, but a My Way version, with more free time and no guided tour. And we enjoyed it even more! It's always a bit of a dilemma, trying to balance revisiting old favorites and adding new experiences. A nice dilemma.

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Our first RS Tour was the "Best of Italy" in 2001. We loved it so much that we took the "Best of Italy BB&B" in 2002. The BB&B stood for Bus, Bed and Breakfast, which is pretty much the same as the "My Way" Tours offered now. We took the BB&B rather than the original tour again, because we felt we were familiar enough with the places we would go that we could plan the sightseeing on our own. We were not disappointed at all---we loved every minute of it and felt very comfortable doing most of the planning. We since have taken "Village Italy", "Paris", "GAS", "Loire to the South of France" and last year took the "My Way Italy Tour" (can you tell we love Italy)! We had another great experience. We will take our 8th and 9th tours this year ("Eastern France" and "Spain"). If you feel more comfortable taking the fully guided tour, rather than a "My Way" Tour, I wouldn't hesitate at all. All of the guides are so great and very helpful and of course, you would have different fellow tour members. We have enjoyed our fellow travelers on every RS Tour we have taken.

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I have taken 11 RS tours and out of that I have taken the Florence, Rome and Paris tours twice. There is so much to see and do that it was great to take the tours again. I had a different guide on each tour, but stayed at the same hotel each time in each city. Which I actually liked because I knew the location and the restaurants, where the metro is and how to get from the hotel to the airport. But you are going on the GAS tour so you don't have to worry about airports and metros, but you will know how to get around the streets better and get to thinks faster. I think you should go. You will see the same things and notice things you did not notice the first time around. You will also be able to do different things that you did not have time to do the first time. Why not go back to the same places if you enjoyed it.

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I have not "Done It Again", but hubby and I have talked about doing Village Italy again. It was our 1st, and we've done 5 RS tours.
There are a few more on my bucket list and as soon as they are done I would start over with a couple that we are particularly fond of.
Another poster pointed out that this time you would be able to use your free time differently if you wanted to. Would be nice to see things that you didn't have time to do before.

Go and have a great time!

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I did the GAS tour solo in 2010 and I'm thinking about doing it again with a travel partner. It was a great tour and I agree with the others who said you will probably see things differently with a new guide.

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Sounds like everyone who DID IT AGAIN enjoyed it the 2nd time. I also did the GAS solo. Just could not find anyone with my passion for Europe. I lived there 5 years and have been back 3 times. GAS are my favorite countries. I do enjoy France and love the Normandy area but just something about Bavaria, and the surrounding area. If I go solo again, I will probably do the MY WAY version. If I find a travel partner, I would probably do the guided version again as they are so informative. Thanks for the comments on DO IT AGAIN.
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