Direct Inquiry to Hotel on Price

Resulted in the below email exchange. So much for being offered a better deal by the hotel itself. thanks for your request. We can offer you a double bed from the 08.02. - 12.02.013. The rate per night / room is € 95,00 excluded breakfast. Breakfast costs € 9,80 per person and day. Would you like to book a room? With kind regards Veronica Schmid Reservations =============================================================== Dear Veronica, I am puzzled. Why would you quote a rate that is higher than what I am finding on other booking websites--including Hotel Cristal's own website? This makes no sense to me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ which rate you can find on the website? ===================================================================== Hotel Website: 5 nights 407 Eu for standard; 5 nights 457 Eu for standard twin 5 nights $396.53 for standard double with queen bed Trip Summary Best Western Hotel Cristal 1 Room: Standard Double - Saver Rate 5 Nights: Feb/8/2013 - Feb/13/2013 Valentine's Day Savings avg./night Room 1: 1 Adult $74.12 5 nights $5.18
Taxes & Fees Total: $396.53

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Dixie one can get better deals off websites like Expedia sometimes, happened to me with a local hotel here ( 2 hours north a lux beach spa place). I found it on Expedia for 140 dollars a night off season, and then i phoned them directly, they quoted me 160 or therabouts.. I told them the expedia rate and clerk said "take it" because she couldn't meet it.. isn't that THE STUPIDEST business practice ever! lol In europe i usaully stay at little places many of whom don't even use booking agencies, and I have on occaison found some that do but they have met or offered me better rates direct. It all comes down to checking all sources carefully , your post will help others, thanks for posting.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Dixie, what was the response back when you sent them the Expedia quote?