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Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary: May 2019, Part 2

We rented our car at the Prague train station and using our portable wifi mapped our drive to Cesky Krumlov. I cannot say enough good things about having a wifi broadens your world like you would not believe and gives you immediate access to the rent one! The drive was easy and nice. Cesky was not hard to do realize that in these small village-type places the parking is going to be crazy and you worry if you can even drive into the town contact your hotel where you will be staying and get them to give you some good directions before you drive in. Cesky has a main square you can drive into and leave your rental car for 30 minutes while you unload your luggage. Then Castle View Apartments gave us the directions to take our car to a lot where it stayed locked up for the 24 hours we were there. We thought this would be difficult but looking back it isn’ just have to get good directions from your hotel and then the walk back to the hotel is not bad at all. Cesky Krumlov is CHARMING.....and the Castle View Apartments were wonderful.....they are right across the street from a very loud restaurant but the noise did not seem to carry across the street....we were afraid it would but all was fine. The apartment had a frig, sink, cooking utensils, etc and was very nice. So glad we stayed there. The next morning we walked to a different hotel for a huge breakfast buffet and up to the castle where we shopped along the way at some nice stores......a particularly wonderful linen and lace store where I bought some vintage pillow shams and lace. I would definitely suggest Cesky Krumlov as a place to visit if you are going to be anywhere close by to do it......picture spots are breathtaking!
We drove next to Salzburg......nice easy drive and a place we had been before. Once again the Hotel Wolf ( great location) had to walk us through getting our car to a restricted square, drop our luggage and park the rental car in an underground garage while staying in Salzburg. We love Salzburg but were mainly using it as a place to stay while we toured Eagles Nest the next day. Because of snow and ice the Eagles Nest Tour was called will not open until June now......we were very disappointed. We took an alternate Panorama Tour that drove us on a bus to Berchtesgaden, let us out for a town walk and then left us at a lake where all we could see at this time of year was the Eagles Nest up on the mountain was the best we could do and we were determined to see it this trip. The tour was so-so but it was a last minute substitute for the other. Hotel Wolf is wonderful.....great staff help but the breakfast buffet was not a nice hot one like everywhere else we stayed. There was a huge Salzburg Marathon race the next day and that was fun to watch.......very crowded and LOTS OF PEOPLE! Are more folks traveling in May now?? WOW........Salzburg will always have a special place in our hearts because its so quaint but we feel like after 2 visits we have done it. On to Hallstatt!

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Appreciated reading about your stay in CK. We are booked for 2 nights at Castle View Apartments in September. Our reservation mentioned that the restaurant is close by and can be noisy in the summertime. Good to hear that all was fine. We will be arriving by CK Shuttle. I will look for the linen shops on our walking tour to the castle. We look forward to this charming town! Thanks for your positive, detailed report!!

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Thanks for the report, brought back memories of our visit to CK. WE also stayed at the castle view apartments and had no problem with the noise. We used CK shuttle and they were very professional.

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We stayed in the Castle View a few years ago. Loved it and Cesky Krumlov. Did you make it to the Castle? We enjoyed that. It is truly a special little town. Also, loved Salzburg, which we did on that same trip. Sorry you missed the tour due to the snow. Glad you enjoyed yourself and found an alternate adventure.