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Custom's and immigration in Canada

I will be flying in to Montreal from Chicago and very worried about getting through in 2 hour. Will there be some one there to point me in the right direction. This is the first time traveling solo.

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You just go to the gate for your connection; there is no immigration when leaving; it only happens when entering Canada and then the USA on the way back.

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Are you traveling on from Montreal or is it your final destination?

If connecting to another international flight, you just follow the signs for connecting flights and don't have to go through immigration and customs. However, if you return via Canada, you will go through U.S. immigration and customs there.

If Montreal is your final destination or another destination in Canada, then you will go through immigration and customs there. It shouldn't take two hours. Just follow the signs.

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Hi there;

If you can tell us your flight(s) and where it /they are headed that will help.
It's unclear if you are just arriving at, then staying in Montreal, or getting a connecting flight in Montreal to somewhere else.
Let us know!

Montreal is quite a big airport, so if you are transferring there to another flight, be sure to head straight to your next gate right away and remember to check and recheck the big departure boards as you walk through the airport to be sure they don't change the gate as you are going along.

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I think Frank gave the clearest answer.
I’ve been looking online and can’t find anything other than that.
There will be lots of “Connections” signs, or “Correspondences” in French.
Just ask an employee ….we Canadians are very helpful.
Solo travel is great, you will be fine!

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Scroll down to the United States- International section.

It's important to confirm in Chicago if your bags will go straight through to Rome. Normally they will, but I've had occasions where I've had to collect and re-check them. If it's Air Canada or WestJet straight through the chances are good that you won't have to worry about your luggage.

As you're preparing for landing, an announcement will likely be given with instructions for connections. You can also ask the desk agent once you deplane. Trudeau Airport is well-signed and you shouldn't have a problem.