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Has anyone been to Curacao recently? I am planning to go but am unsure where best to stay. I would like to be fairly close to a town and not too far from a beach. Renting a car is a possibility. Is it safe for solo travellers? Is it expensive? Any suggestions for accommodation would be appreciated. Also any suggestions for what is worth seeing. Thanks!

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We were there if February. We stayed at the Santa Barbara Beach Resort. It was fabulous. Its not super close to town but we rented a car and went all over the island. Went to some beautiful beaches, hikes... I loved it. It wasn't expensive and I felt safe but I was with my husband. I think it would be fine going solo.

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We've been to virtually every island in the Caribbean over the years except for Martinique. The A (Aruba), B (Bonaire), C (Curacao) are down off the cost of Venezuela, and they're especially good for scuba diving.
They area safe areas for solo travelers, however I find them a little quiet unless you're staying in one of the big resorts.
But my favorite of the islands is the incredibly beautiful St. Lucia. It is home to some of the world's great resorts--like

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What is the purpose of your trip? I have not been To Curaçao but have been to Bonaire. There is water sports and the beach. Not much in the way of nightlife.
Also, you posted this under trip reports. It should be posted in Beyond Europe.

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Curacao is certainly safe for visitors, as long as you have some common sense, same as anywhere else.

One thing to be aware of is that break-ins of tourist's rented cars are common, so of course never leave anything of value in a rented car that's parked while you're away - but that's not unique to Curacao or anywhere in the Caribbean.