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Croatia recommendations

Random recommendations

1) Traveling through Croatia from the south coast to the north coast is better than how most guide books describe croatian itineraries (from north to south) because when you are traveling between island destinations (Korcula and Hvar) the ferry leaves in the morning, giving you a complete day to visit the destination. Also if you are traveling in the shoulder season of April, May, or June you hit the southern places first when they are at a cooler, more reasonable temperature, and it give the northern destinations time to warm up.

2) Enlisting the help of guides here is more important than in other destinations. Elsewhere in Europe guides are expensive, and although helpful, you can scare up information on art or city history from literary resources or an audioguide and tour a town yourself. At other destinations you could maybe splurge for a guide at special sites, like the Vatican Museum in Italy. However, guides in the former Yugoslavia are relatively inexpensive. Also, although most people speak English well, town sites and museums are less likely to have English translations at their attractions, especially in small towns. Finally, and most importantly, much of the ‘history’ (RE: Balkan war) here is recent and has actually been lived through by the locals. Speaking with someone who has this experience is obviously much more rewarding than having a guide explain the Renaissance to you 500 years after it happened.

3) A few sites not mentioned by rick that were cool, google them:
-Mummies at Vodnjan church in Istria
-best frescos in croatia at Church of St. Mary of the Rocks in Beram Istria
-Stari Grad on Hvar island, beautiful and not touristy. Came here after boat trip out of Hvar got cancelled

4) Trying to find a good Croatian beer, good luck. Usually stuck to wine, but try Tomislav, its like a bock. Had it at Nonemina Bar in Dubrovnik. Good people watching at night.

5) Buza I vs Buza II in Dubrovnik, my opinion

Buza I Buza II
shaded during day no shade
swimming access better drinks
diverse music styles better music
better during the day better at night

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