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Computer lost on Swiss flight - Found!

I thought I would relate this story from a fellow traveler.

On a recent group ski trip to the French Alps, a participant left her computer on the inbound Swiss flight into Zurich from the US. Being an attorney, she had an on-going case that she planned to work on while on vacation. So it was a major issue for her.

Good news, Swiss found her computer and had it in Zurich. Bad news, they could not ship it anywhere until they received a signed form letter by snail-mail. Solution, suck it up and rent a car and drive to Zurich and get it. She had to spend the night in Zurich to avoid driving home in the dark.

Moral, remember to gather all your personal belongs before exiting the plane.

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Wow, she’s very fortunate to have her computer back.

Thanks for the reminder.

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glad that they enforced security. too bad she couldn't use a train and come back the same night. Could have used the table and worked all the way back....

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Wow, good on SwissAir for finding the computer and insisting on security in picking it up. So happy she has it back no matter what she had to do to get it.

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Unfortunately, Moutiers-Salins-Brides les Bains to Zurich airport is a 6 1/2 hour train journey. How's wi-fi on SBB? She had fun practicing her French at the Motorway toll stations. And yes, I reminded her to get a Swiss vignette as she entered Switzerland.