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Cinque Terre Closures

Before arriving in Monterroso, we checked the Cinque Terre website and didn't see any news or announcements pertaining to trail closures. We booked 4 nights with the intention of hiking every day. As of today, 11/14/18 ALL hiking trails are closed. Also, I do not recommend staying in Monterroso right now. The pedestrian trail to the city center is closed. To get there requires a 7km hike up and around the mountain road. We tried to find a restaurant at 6:30 pm on a Tuesday and we could not find a place open to even get a snack.

I've since learned that to see which trails are open, you must go to the Cinque Terre website and click on "trails". Open the map to see which ones are closed (indicated by a black line).

This is a very sad way to spend our "hiking" trip. Although we will make the best of it, I warn others that the ENTIRE PARK IS NOT OPEN!!

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sorry you're having a bad time. They have had a hard time there recently.

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I've since learned that to see which trails are open, you must go to
the Cinque Terre website and click on "trails".

Right. That's actually something every visitor should do for any CT hiking trip as the trails and terrain are fragile and, as Rachel has discovered, can be closed due to weather or damage. That can occur abruptly so seeing them listed as open a week before your arrival doesn't mean they will be when you get there.

The closure between old and new town in Monterosso is due to a portion of cliff which has fallen into a net directly above the tunnel. Passage Is reported to be possible for locals who must get to work/school and for tourists staying in Monterosso accommodations (see link below) but not for daytrippers until the rock has been removed and the area declared safe.

I see there's been some chat about this on TA as well. Yep, they've had a bit of a time cleaning up after the recent storms but as one Monterosso resident said, it thankfully hasn't been nearly as bad as the 2011 flood was.

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So sad but glad you are making the most of it. Thanks for the information.

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Take the train north up to Santa Margherita Ligure; there are hiking opportunities, easy and hard, up on the peninsula. Maybe some of those trails are still open, not sure.

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So sad to hear this. Take a look at Camogli and perhaps hike the Portofino Park to the abbey San Fruttuoso, weather permitting. Or day trip to Porto Venere. It is lovely.