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Cicchetti Crawl Venice

We had a lovely time in Venice. I have been all over and found this city to be my life favorite. My partner and daughter had been once but this was my first trip. Honestly, it was perfect in all regards.

We are big foodies and after watching Somebody Feed Phil and hearing feedback from savvy friends, we did a Ciccheti Crawl. I hope I don't leave any out. Please share yours and feel free to comment.

Cicchetti is small plates, think tapas, There are many served on little slices of crostini or toast. Some are on skewers. We loved sampling a wide variety sipping wine. Prices were so cheap, 1-3 Euros each, in most cases. Some places had seating inside, some, outside on barrels or hi tops. Some were situated in little quaint alleys, some on main drags. We dined outside almost for all and were quite warm and cosy.

1 Cantina Do Mori - Calle Do Mori, 429, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy

This ancient spot has history, charm and a lot of love. The setting is magical and the food, over the top good. We sat outside on a barrel and sipped great wine and ate such good food. A photo can be seen on my IG Caribchakita NOT TO MISS

2 Bar Al Vechio Calice - on the way to the Bienalle, we loved this spot. The burrata and anchovy was over the top good. Service was excellent and the people watching on busy Garibaldi was fun. It was a very local area and just so good

3 El Rofolo - also on Garibaldi was a very hip night spot for pressed sandwiches and good wine. It was the most local spot which is why it made our top list. The food is not fancy but it's all about the wine and vibe.

We did like Cantina Do Spade for the lovely neighborhood and sweet staff. It was a more modern feel and no outdoor dining. Food was good. Cantinone Del Vino Già Schiavi was so pretty and quaint. Food was also good. Cicchetteria venexiana da Luca e Fred was a fun spot. It was our first stop. Situated in a busy tourist area, it was a fun place to start our crawl. Food was good and wine was lovely. Lastly, this was another memorable spot

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This all sounds so good! Thank you for posting. I will also be bookmarking this for a future trip!


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Laurie, please add to the list. I will be back. Loved the variations but my fav was the bacalao at Do Mori.

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Another vote for Bar Al Vechio Calice. We basically became regulars there. At least as much as it's possible to be regulars when you're only in town for a week. It was our daily stop on the way home after a day of walking the city and the Biennale. We enjoyed the cicchetti, the street ambience, and the way the servers treated us.