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Christmas or Easter Market?

Been to 3 Christmas Markets and 3 Easter Markets. Easter markets are best-- more interesting stuff for sale and better weather.

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Where have you visited Easter markets? Sounds like fun!

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We were in Prague two years ago, the week before Easter, and were happily surprised by their Easter markets. Until then, we had never heard of Easter markets. The aromas, the energy, the stalls, the Slavic dancers on the stage [all age groups] were just so much fun! It was late March, tho, so it was cold and drizzly.

However, this past year we traveled to xmas markets in Switzerland, France [Strasbourg/Colmar,] and Germany [Stuttgart, Esslingen, Rothenburg] and had an incredible time. It was cold, but we had the appropriate clothes, and the weather never interfered with our plans.

Which other cities have Easter markets?

Safe travels!

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The Easter markets are completely different than a Christmas Market. The best ones are actually held inside of a building, like an old abby, unless they are in a historic setting like a castle.

7-8.03 Easter Market, Eberbach Monastery (inside)
14-15.03 Easter Market, Frankfurt Dominikaner Kloster (inside)
21-22.03 Easter Market, Michelstadt (inside and outside)
27-29.03 Easter Market, Wiesbaden Pedestrian Zone (outside)
28-29.03 Historic Easter Market, Burg Ronneburg (inside and outside)
4-5.04 Easter Market, Hessen Park Open Air Museum (inside and outside)
4-5.04 Historic Easter Market, Burg Ronneburg (inside and outside)

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All Prague's Easter Markets are outdoors. We liked the Old Town Square best-- largest, most food, and its the Old Town Square. And its Prague.

Top food: Prague Ham cooked over an open wood fire.

Top shopping: Pysanka (goggle it).

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If you want to see the most elaborate and creative eggs though, you need to visit an Easter Market that also has inside sales. No artist is going to spend 20 + hours creating an egg and then risk it being damaged by having an outdoor stall.