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Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria 2015 (a very short Part 2 to follow the original post)

Mass in the Salzburg Dom with major music is at 10 AM on Sunday, and hearing the choir, instruments, and organ from the balcony above and behind you is like angel singing. Visitors are welcome.

Leaving Salzburg I was not sure what to expect at the border crossing back into Germany. The GPS rerouted us to a different part of the city, and on the bridge where border patrol was set up, I had only to hold up my US passport to the window to be waved through.

We spent our last night near the Munich airport, in Erding at the Best Western. It’s a comfortable, business style hotel, and they are reliable for getting you an early morning shuttle to the airport. There’s also a very pleasant traditional restaurant in town called The Post, and even a tiny Christmas market, if you still have Euros burning your pockets.

Flying home on Delta on Monday they were 90 seats undersold, so we all got aisles and no close neighbors. We carried on our now treasure-filled collapsible duffles, purses went in the backpacks for our personal item, and the roll-aboards were checked.

To make life easier, I booked the car and all the hotels, and my friends wrote me a check for their share before we left the US. Once we landed we started a kitty (managed by our CPA!) to pay for gas, taxis, parking, all meals, and tickets. Nothing makes me crazier than commotion over settling a dinner check, and traveling with these three friends was a joy!

If you’re dreaming of a Christmas market trip to Germany, I hope this might inspire you to tackle it on your own. If you have questions I might help with, feel free to PM me. Tschuss! And Happy Trails!!

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Wow Ruth you are lucky to have found friends to travel with with whom you share a like spending philosophy! That is not easy, and I agree goes far towards making the trip much more enjoyable.