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Chip and PIN

This topic comes up often, with many different opinions and experiences, but I thought some might benefit from my recent experience. We traveled to Amsterdam and Belgium last week, and anticipating ticket kiosks, I tried to prepare early.

I have a couple Chip and Signature cards, a Chip and PIN for business (that is still Signature Priority) but wanted a true Chip and PIN card for personal use.

After a year of looking, and finding the best information on, I settled on a card from the United Nations Federal Credit Union. I did have to go through some hoops, Had to join an organization for eligibility, then set up an account, then apply for a loan/credit line. I chose a card (UNFCU Elite) that does have small annual fee, but some benefits, no FTF, but it is truly PIN Priority.

In all my transactions at both "manned" and "unmanned" purchases (Even the oft remarked Dutch Train ticket Kiosks) I was asked for a PIN for all purchases from 5 euro to a couple hundred, never was the card declined. Even in the US, if at a POS terminal, I am asked for a PIN. Overall I am very pleased with the card, it really completes my travel plan of a couple credit cards and a couple ATM/Debit cards to work in all situations. It may or may not be right for everyone, but thought I would pass an experience on.

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I received my new Sam's Club Mastercard this week and it is a true chip and pin card.

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In a number of trips, a Chip and signature has not been much of an issue. At a manned transaction, the printing out of a slip to sign is easy, the only advice is to have a form of ID available, otherwise they can reject it.

My concern was with unmanned kiosks. My chip and signature has worked in London for tickets and low dollar transactions, but if over $25, it was a problem.

This card had none of those limitations.

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I'll comment on "manned" purchases. At these purchases there have been times I used the US chip and signature credit card, when I don't care to pay in cash. No one has ever asked me for the PIN, the transactions go through. If it doesn't, then I give the staff person another credit card, same type, ie chip and signature.