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Changes in Naples

When you come out of baggage claim at Naples Airport, the Alibus bus-stop is across the parking lot, at the corner just to the right of the McDonalds. There is a small sign there. You pay the bus driver 3 Euros. It goes to the Main Train Station. In our travels in Naples, I saw other Alibus stops, but can't remember exactly where. When the bus arrives at Garibaldi Square, he parks beyond a big construction area that's in front of the main entrance. Ask the bus driver to point to the main entrance, which will probably be behind you.
The Metro Line 1 is now complete to Garibaldi Square. You can enter it from the inside the Main Train Station and when you exit, you come up outside, in Garibaldi Square, and the Main Station entrance is behind you
Galleria Principe di Napoli is closed for remodeling

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