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Changes in Florence sights and prices

My family and I were in Florence two weeks ago. A couple of things have apparently changed since the 2013 guidebook for Florence and Tuscany was published. First, the book states that the Pitti Palace has a combo-ticket number 3 for 11.50 Euros. No such ticket is listed at the museum box-office. I requested one, though, and even showed the ticket agent the guidebook. But she insisted there is no such ticket. Second, the price and availability of the Duomo sights have changed. The 2013 book (page 174) states that a combo ticket costs 15 Euros, or 23 Euros if the Dome Climb is included. The book also says the 23 euro ticket must be purchased at the Dome entrance. This has changed. I bought a combo ticket at the Duomo Museum box office for only 10 Euros, and it included all the sights, including the Dome Climb. That was the good news. The bad news is that most of the Duomo museum was closed for some type of renovation or re-arrangement. We were able to see only a few items on the Ground Floor. Nothing else was accessible. Perhaps that is why the combo-ticket cost so little.

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Gary, There is a link to give guidebook feedback on the "Rick Steves' Guidebooks" page. I hope you'll share this report on that page, too. We were in Florence last summer. What an impressive city, especially the Duomo!

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I wish more folks who use RS guide books in Europe and find discrepancies would note them when they return including reporting them to the RS folks.
As someone else said, it is an impossible task to keep every item in every guide book up to date regularly even though RS folks try to check out each of their guide books yearly. thanks for your update.