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Car Rental in Portugal - Great Company Luz Car!

Since this is a frequently asked question on this board, I thought I would post a "review" of my car rental. I recently rented a car for a week in Lagos, Portugal. I got it from Luz Car ( For the last week in April I paid $160 Euros for one week, inclusive of all insurance. I got a Ford Fiesta which was almost new. Great car. The staff brought the car to the hotel I was staying at, and came and picked it up a week later. It was a perfect rental experience. I would highly recommend this company if you are in the Algarve, they have offices in many towns. Rates will differ.

Be aware of toll roads! I drove all over the place and was a little surprised how expensive gas was, and how expensive the toll roads were. It cost me $23 Euros to drive from Portimao to Evora, and $9.00 Euros from Evora to Lisbon. Then there was the bridge....I sure goofed on that one. I had a hard time understanding what all the signs meant and I was in the wrong lane. Stay to the right. DON"T go through a toll booth with a green V - kind of looks like a backwards check mark. That is Via Verde and is for prepaid tolls. Most tolls you can pay at a post office 48 hours AFTER you go through a toll booth, and pay the fee. The bridge is another story.. Haven't figured that one out yet! It is a completely different story, and after you Lisbon it isn't easy to pay a toll for the bridge.

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Sally, thanks for posting this. I have some time in Salema/Lagos area planned for September and was wondering about how to get down to Sagres without signing up for a guided bus tour. This car rental idea is an option and I will save this to my Tripit calendar. Happy trails.


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In Lagos I stayed in two places, and both of them offered car rentals from their location. Luzcars will bring the car to your hotel and pick it back up again. I drove to Sagres, Cape St. Vincent, and all over that area. I stayed one night in Sagres and drove up the coast. I had a great time! Just be aware of the toll roads. If you accidentally go through a toll stop, no worries! all you have to do is go to any post office in Portugal with the license number 48 hours after you do it, and you can pay the toll.

First property: Canavial I & II, Second property: Ancora Park Sunplace. I liked both places as they had efficiency facilities. Ancora Park was my favorite, it was a little condo. I felt like I really needed a car in Portugal because things are so far apart and the bus system isn't that great within the towns.