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c0utta Family Europe Trip - Part 1 - Rome

Trip Report – Italy & France 2016

I owe a great deal to the RS forum contributors, so thought I’d give some back by doing a trip report on the main parts of our trip. Hopefully I can provide some information that new starters can use.

We’re a family of 4 – with boys 15 & 12. We’re not the sort of people that rush around to see everything possible – we love our relaxation time. Therefore, there’s plenty of things we should have done, but we’re not attempting to wear ourselves ragged.

Trip Report - Rome

Accommodation - The apartment is very close to the St. Agnese/Annibaliano Metro stop so it’s very easy to get to Termini and onto everything else you might need to see. I highly recommend Manuela and her apartment – she is warm, professional and courteous and full of great information. She arranged our pickup at FCO which went without an issue – it was a relief to be picked up and meet someone with a sign that had my name on it.

Sistine Chapel - tickets to the Friday night viewing at the Sistine Chapel. We were the within the first 20 to make it inside. We cued up the RS audio guide and sat in awe – we’re not religious but it is very moving. This is certainly the best way to appreciate the Sistine Chapel

Colosseum - unfortunately all the English underground / third ring tours were booked so we went on the Spanish tour. We weren’t the only ones that didn’t speak English either, so we queued up the RS audio tour and wandered around by ourselves. If you can’t get the English tour, then give it a go.

Vicus Caprarius - ( Bypass the rabble at Trevi fountain and book a tour here. We were the only ones on the tour – our host actually shut the storefront for the tour. This is something I’ve wanted to do for years and can highly recommend it.

Alter Of The Fatherland elevator – this is really worth spending the money to get this view.

Pantheon – Have always loved the Pantheon and wanted a “selfie” with my family surrounding the Oculus which we got. The RS guide is great too.

San Clemente church – I’m still in awe as to how Rome has been built upon for centuries, and the original city is so far below.

Capuchin Church - just to freak out the boys – very interesting and humbling.

You really can’t go wrong in Rome for food. We self-catered for breakfast, but picked up either panini or pizza for lunch.

For a great, authentic Italian pizza experience try the Pizzeria San Marino. Now, there are two Pizzeria San Marinos, apparently owned by the same family. Bypass the main one on Corso Trieste (even though it's okay too) and try the other one on Via San Marino nearby.

We also ate in house one night - the local supermarket had fresh gnocchi which was great.

Next report - Tuscany

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What fun to read your trip report for Rome. I'm especially taken by the information about Vicus Caprarius! In spite of the fact I've been to Rome a few times, I hadn't heard or read anything about this. There is always something new to learn from the Forum. Thanks for posting. It sounds as if you all enjoyed your stay Rome and I'll be watching for for your Tuscany report.

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Wow: I can't believe we didn't know about Vicus Caprarius! It's now on the list for our next trip to Rome. Thank you, cOutta.

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Rome is on our "to do" list and I found your report very helpful in thinking about it, especially with two boys. I to have found the RS audio and written guides to be invaluable. Can't wait to read more!

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Thank you for posting. We leave soon with our teens so all ideas are most helpful. Thanks