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Buyer Beware, Airbnb

I recently stayed at an airbnb condo. I should have been more careful with my homework, but I was in a hurry. I found a place, skimmed the high ratings given the owner and location, then booked it. When I arrived the owner was not there, but his large dog was. I was surprised and a little intimidated by the situation, but the dog turned out to be harmless. Upon returning home, I read the description of this place more closely to see if a dog was ever mentioned. In review after review the wonderful dog was mentioned! I had just skimmed the first line or two of half a dozen reviews and missed the dog entirely. All turned out well. Next time I'll be more careful about reading reviews.

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So the fault was yours for not reading all the reviews. Other than the dog which shouldn't have been a surprise it appears you liked where you stayed. I'd change the title of your post then. It's misleading. I expected a horrible tale about an airbnb rental, not a scenario where the renter didn't do her homework.

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I'm sure Swan is sorry to disappoint you and leave you without a dramatic story of someone else's woe. She says in her second sentence that she should have done better research. I think Swan's post is a valuable reminder. If you book at a Marriott, you're probably getting a Marriott. Book at a site that is a listing site for thousands of different owners, and who knows what you'll get. As she said, buyer beware.

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The principle is the same whether using airbnb, venere, or Read the reviews. Read between the lines of the reviews. Do this before making a committment. I had a problem with a hotel I booked in Paris, I think it was thru venere. Anyway, after I made the reservation I read reviews on tripadvisor. Ugh! It sounded terrible. I cancelled my reservation but was still charged for one night even tho the cancellation was way in advance. In that case, I never did find any notification that one night would be charged even if you cancelled early. In fact, the hotel's website said full refund. I didn't fight it, but will read reviews first from now on.

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We just returned from London where we spent 8 nights in a flat leased through The flat was in the Notting Hill area, was beautiful, just as shown in the photos and we had no problems whatsoever. The flat was a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, shared with another couple and the cost was FAR less than a hotel would have been, not to mention all the space and convenience we had. It was a great experience! I was worried a bit as this was my first time staying anywhere other than a hotel so I did do a lot of homework before-hand. Really happy, we will use this housing option again for future trips!