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Bus system in Nice, France

Just returned from France; love Nice, but FYI, the city has ripped up a huge part of the area behind the Promenade, completely removed the bus terminal. Our Nicemap was minimally helpful, our b&b hostess better, but the bus stops are VERY hard to locate. Be prepared to search for the designated stops. Good luck!

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Thanks for that report, Laura.... Is the construction for the second line of the tram?

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Yes, just returned from Nice, and saw all the construction. I believe it is indeed for the Line 2 of the Tram...which will be fantastic when they finish this project. I would recommend visiting the tourist information center as soon as one arrives and get a report on current transportation changes. Here in the US, we take more (and don't get me wrong, there are benefits...) of a "nanny state" approach towards information, signage, cautions, warnings, detours, etc., than Europeans. Therefore, when in Rome... Bonjour, Mindy