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Burano - Can’t stop raving about it

For anyone traveling to Venice and has an extra day to spare, do yourself a colorful favor and take a trip to the island of Burano.

About a 30-40 minute vaporetto ride in the Venetian Lagoon, this little island is known for lacemaking and its houses which look like a Crayola crayon box freshly opened. I’ve seen the countless Instagrams of people in Burano and figured it was just filters but having now been there, no filter is necessary. Every quiet canal is a painting, every cafe begging you to sit for an Aperol Spritz, every shop with beautiful lacework, and of course…everyone taking selfies. If you hang around in the late afternoon the crowds tend to thin and you can get some quiet time strolling along the canals. The late afternoon sun glow adds a nice touch.

I don’t think many folks have discovered Burano yet so please take advantage of it when you can. Once the tourist mobs that venture to Murano discover Burano it may be lots more crowded. This was a remarkable little place with super nice locals eager to chat and they always enjoy hearing how beautiful their village is from visitors.

Be respectful and courteous. Tourists are behaving badly in Venice again and it’s sad.

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Thanks for this info. I'd been wondering if it was worth taking time away from Venice when I go next year. 🤔

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It absolutely is worth it. Murano is not that pretty, buy the glass and head out. Burano, it’s like Murano only Better 😁

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If you take the first Vaporetto over in the morning you can have the place to yourself as well. When we were there, the crowds started arriving at about 11:00.

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Your description of Burano is exactly why we skipped Murano. We arrived early am, strolled, took photos, found a wonderful lace shop-bought a couple of beautiful lace shawls, & stopped for lunch & Aperol Spritz!

We headed to Torcello afterwards and enjoyed visiting the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta to marvel at the incredible mosaics. We were there in 2018 & we had the church to ourselves! It’s the oldest structure in the Venetian lagoon. Highly recommend Torcello!

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I went to Burano early in the morning and it was still very busy. It’s not undiscovered. Whilst I liked it, I much preferred Torcello which was much quieter and very different in character.

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Yes Jennifer, historic Torcello is the gem of the islands, where Venice began. It is near Burano so I was surprised how few were visiting. sfarkas425, Burano has been on the tourists’ radar for years. Glad it is still worth a visit and that you enjoyed your visit there. We have skipped Murano for quite awhile, always visit Burano and Torcello. .

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We were in Venice 5 years ago…..have seen too many Murano glass pieces at my local TUESDAY MORNING so decided to pass that island up and go to Burano……so glad we did! I am a seamstress and seeing the local ladies making lace and inviting me to watch was a day I will never forget…..the shop owners were so kind when I showed them iphone pics of my own sewing with lace and i bought some beautiful handmade tatting which is very hard to find locally anymore. A day well spent on a gorgeous island!

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Adding a pitch for Murano - not for the touristy aspect - but b/c Glasstress, part of Venice International Biennale art expo, is there. No need to get tickets ahead of time as for more crowded main exhibitions. Glasstress stars stunning contemporary glass from all over the world; runs through November.

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I really enjoyed Burano. Murano, not as much.

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Burano is fabulous. If you need a break from the crowds in Venice, by all means go to Burano. Photographer paradise.