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Building with a head between two floors, on highway between St Paul de Vence and Cannes, France

Took photo of a building that sits near a highway that has guardrails: a 3 section building. Top and bottom sections are square and black. Middle section is a sculpture of aface of 2 eyes, 2 ears, nose and cheeks. The head/face is not a large as the top and bottom building sections. Has anyone seen this and if so, what is the building used for? (This is not the blockhead building in Nice.)

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I'm guessing it's "Le Guetteur" at mega shopping mall Polygon Riviera at Cagnes sur Mer. About the architecture from

"Placée au cœur du tout nouveau Polygone Riviéra à Cagnes sur Mer, La deuxième sculpture habitée de Sosno, abrite un restaurant à deux niveaux et un étage de bureaux.
"Le Guetteur" vous regarde, vous dévisage, vous observe… Sacha Sosno a toujours pensé que l’espace entre la sculpture et le spectateur est un espace créatif qui oblige à voir et à imaginer. Cette émotion appartient à celui qui regarde, qui ainsi participe à la création. Dans cette " sculpture habitée", le regard de l’Empereur César vous invite à l’observer : le regardeur est donc regardé.

Text run through a translator:

"Located in the heart of the new Polygon Riviera in Cagnes sur Mer, the second inhabited sculpture of Sosno, houses a two-level restaurant and an office floor. "The Watchman" looks at you, stares at you, watches you ... Sacha Sosno always thought that the space between sculpture and the viewer is a creative space that forces people to see and imagine. This emotion belongs to the beholder, who thus participates in creation. In this "inhabited sculpture", the look of the Emperor Caesar invites you to observe it: the viewer is therefore looked at."

Another link with photo:

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Merci, Kathy!!! The mystery has been solved!!! Such a fantastic building, and indeed, the eyes stare at one passing by.

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Oh Wow... someone was really thinking outside the box with this one!

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De rien, rumseyn. Glad your mystery has been solved!