Budapest - Local Guide

Just returned from great fabulous trip that included three days in Budapest. We arranged with a local guide, ANDRAS ILLES, who I contacted in advance after reading blogs recommending him on this site. Andrew (Andras) is very knowledgeable, punctual. flexible, polite and tailors his tour to individual needs. We were on a Danube River cruise that included a three hour tour of Budapest ... so Andrew avoided the sites we had previously visited, or on our request, went back to a couple of sites where we wanted clarification or more information. Very positive experience. Here is his email: You will LOVE Budapest.

Posted by Carol
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Thanks for this information! We'll get in touch with him.

Posted by James E.
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I have known Andrew for almost a dozen years now. I have used him a number of times and have recommended him as many times and have never heard anything but good.