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Bill and Jude's Excellent Adventure Garmisch part 3

Our last day in Garmisch and we had thought about the Zugspitze but had just gone up the Karwendel a couple of days prior. We also really wanted to do the luge ride but it was closed due to the drizzly weather. We went back and forth... should we? Shouldn't we? Should we? Shouldn't we?

We did... We went to Neuschwanstein.

Thanks to this forum, we knew exactly what it was, and exactly what it was not. We knew exactly what to expect, too. The tour buses and crush of tourists were epic. It seemed like everybody in town was there. Since we didn't have tickets in advance, we waited roughly an hour in line. It seemed to move pretty well and before too long, we had tickets in hand. We had tons of time before the Hohenschwangau tour started first, so we were able to get some nice photos of the exterior plus down below. It was just like people here said it would be: A quick 30 minute tour... but we weren't complaining. We definitely knew what to expect. Next up: Neuschwanstein. We had enough time to get to Mary's Bridge for some photos. Everybody was jockeying for position to get the best angle for a good shot. This was also a rushed tour and we knew that this place wasn't anything significant, but neither of us regretted the visit. In fact, over Christmas when I told someone that we went to Germany, the very first thing out of her mouth was, "Did you go to Neuschwanstein?" She had such excitement on her face. So there you go.....

Afterward, we drove around Fuessen before heading to Austria for dinner. We had a few meals in Austria over the course of this trip. It was sort of a slower paced day than some of the others, and we got back to our room early, packed up, and got ready to turn in the car in the AM and catch a train to our next destination.

I definitely don't regret going, but I wouldn't do it again. It's sort of like a 'been there done that' situation. I also wasn't wild about the circular staircases everywhere inside. I actually felt a little dizzy when we were all through. Lots of uphill climbing that day. I definitely remember saying, "I hope there's a cardiologist at the top of this thing." The setting was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, with the mountains and lakes. We both found the Bavarian countryside to be gorgeous. And that neck of the woods was no exception!

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Hi Judy,

I’ve been to Neuschwanstein twice now.. both times were in October on a weekday. I never had to experience epic crush of tourists. It was crowded both times, but very bearable. Went once in the morning and once in the mid afternoon. Got tickets and took the tour. Not too big a deal. I will say I enjoyed touring Hohenschwangau more than Neuschwanstein. Thanks for your report. I am looking forward to the next installment, now that you’re getting rid of that pesky c, a, r.

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Judy - I'm enjoying reading your series of trip report. I agree about Neuschwanstein - btdt. I thought Hoenschwangau was much more interesting with the furnishings and that beautiful view from the window out to the turquoise lake was breathtaking. I preferred the stairs at the castle much more than the long, steep trek up to Neuschwanstein. I had to stop numerous times to catch my breath and rest my trembling legs. The luge ride was great fun and I'm sorry you missed that.

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Thanks for this installment of your trip report. We skipped Neuschwanstein on our 2015 trip to Munich, and of course that's what people ask about the most.

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I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. I have never really understood why people are so hard on Neuschwanstein. It may be crowded. It may not be a real castle, but it is a real building, with an interesting historical story, a very unique interior, a fantasy like exterior, and a breathtaking setting. It doesn't matter to me that it doesn't have real castle status - I like lots of buildings that aren't castles. I thought it beautiful and interesting and definitely worth a visit. I'd probably even go back, maybe in the autumn to see the setting with fall colors. I do suppose I wish the tours were less rushed, less full and allowed photos, but that seems impossible with the sheer number of visitors, so I think they do the best they can. Sounds like it was a good use of your dreary day. And like you said, expectations are everything.

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Thank you for your post, which i found amusing and informative. I will be visiting Germany, Austria, and Italy in Sept (staying in Ehrwald) and, of course, visiting the castles. I have read where people complained about Neuschwanstein, saying it wasn't worth it. It's a beautiful place with a wonderful history and I look forward to seeing the opulence in which people actually lived!
I go with no expectations, except having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

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Judy, do you realize that we're talking (favorably) about your posts on other threads? Keep it up, we're loving it.