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Bill and Jude's Excellent Adventure Garmisch Part 2

First of all.. I can not BELIEVE that I almost forgot to include two of the sweetet details of our Mittenwald visit!! At least, to us, they were among the sweetest. First off: The cemetery!! Honestly.... I have never ever EVER seen a cemetery like that. It was GEORGEOUS and we spent at least an hour walking up and down the rows, admiring each lovingly tended plot.

The other was, when we were admiring the church, there was a wedding going on! How I forgot to include that, I'll never know. It was so cool to just sit in the back and observe. Talk about your serendipitous moments!

Sooo... onto the next day. It was raining (something new, LOL) and we stopped first at the Ettal Abbey. Oh boy what a treat. I almost felt guilty, with my wet shoes squeaking across the floor. It was just eye candy everywhere. We were reprimanded twice by two separate monks for two separate transgressions. Yikes... The gift shop was nice and large, but we just browsed, and came away empty handed.

Next up-- Oberammergau. We didn't spend a ton of time there cause it was really coming down. We bought a few steins to ship home, along with a stupid soccer t-shirt we promised the neighbor's kid. The wood carvings in the shops were impressive and the buildings were cute to see. I honestly don't remember much about our time there, we maybe spent 2-3 hours, max.

We then drove to Linderhof for a tour inside. The grotto was closed until 2022. Judging from the ornateness of the inside of the palace, we really missed out on something with the grotto. Now, the grounds were fascinating and we spent more time outside, than we did inside. I really loved all the statues, the fountains, etc. Beautiful!

Last stop of the day: the Wieskirche. Whoa, baby. Pictures didn't do it justice. How pretty! I know there are those who say it's gaudy but come on. Lol. That ceiling was impossibly dream-like. And the pews! They were so ornately carved. Loved it. We grabbed a sandwich at a little stand right across from the church, and it was really good. It was nothing but a grilled ham and cheese, (they called it a 'toasty') but the guy said it was made with gouda. My new favorite cheese. Once back in the parking lot, we heard this big booming voice: "HEY CANADA!!" It was some loud dude we met at Linderhof. He seemed so pleased with himself...

Another day done... back to Guesthouse Alpenkranz, and the nice ground floor room with the bright red carpet, and the huge metal cow in the back yard.

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Oh I am so happy that you just rolicked from one great discovery to the next. I would have loved to see your wide eyes and big smiles.

I'm so glad that you chose what you did and did what you did and it made you so happy!!!

Thanks for sharing it with us....