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Bill and Jude's Excellent Adventure Boppard Day 3

Our penultimate day. But what a treat awaited us! We took the train to Cologne to see the cathedral. And it was absolutely massive. We were completely overwhelmed by the size. We tried, but we just couldn't get the whole thing in our camera frame. Once inside, it was the same story: you just looked up and up and up. Almost all of the places that we visited so far, were all about the ceilings. But this place was all about the floors. There were thousands and thousands (and THOUSANDS!) of tiny mosaic tiles, in beautiful designs. Talk about detailed. We asked someone about them, and they said it took hundreds of years to complete. There were mosaics of the names and coats of arms of bishops, and archbishops. Beyond impressive. My favorites (in addition to the gorgeous floors!) were the St. Christopher statue, and the Chapel of Mercy. Stunning!

We left the cathedral and had lunch at a nearby Thai place. The portions were good and the price was right. Afterward, we wandered around, then hopped on one of those little tourist trains for a quick overview of the city. It stopped and dropped us at a chocolate shop/factory and if you're a lover of chocolate, this is the place for you. When we were done there, we hopped back on that train to go back to where we began. We really didn't do much in Cologne besides the cathedral. I had REALLY wanted to continue on to Aachen to see the cathedral there too but it would have been too long of a day so we went back to Boppard early. We had dinner at Alte Schmiede, and enjoyed people watching while dining outside. The wine fest was gearing up and it was getting crowded. We checked out the stalls and shops and watched a band play. I simply enjoyed being in the mix, watching the people, checking out the wine tents, admiring the lights...

We just hung around in the center of town for awhile longer, then went back to the hotel. It was a lot slower of a day than normal, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

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Oh, Judy, you are going to have to take another trip. I can't stand it that your reports are coming to an end.

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Oh my Judy, you did have an excellent adventure. I have spent the last hour reading your trip reports. I had a little problem figuring out the order, but I did get them all read. I loved reading about all you did and saw. My husband and I added the Rhine River on to the beginning of our RS Germany, Austria, Switzerland tour and Rothenburg on the end. I love your passion to try new things and not be too nervous about the unexpected.

So I have to know. How many pages was your Shutterfly book? I like to scrapbook and I spent about a month doing my GAS scrapbook with lots of photos and stickers. I think it was over 100 pages. I would like to wish you a very Happy Anniversary. I hope you get to travel again soon. Europe gets in your blood. In the meantime, enjoy your picture book, and live through the traveling of all the people on the forum.

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I have spent the last hour reading your trip reports. I had a little problem figuring out the order, but I did get them all read

Yeah... sorry about that!! I had them posted in chronological order but whenever someone posts a reply to any of them, they jump up to the top again. In whatever random order as the reply. The order went: Munich- Berchtesgaden- Garmisch- Rothenburg- Boppard. I have one more Boppard report, but not tonight.

My Shutterfly book was, I think, 63 pages. Not as big as yours, but I sprung for the double thick premium lay flat pages. So it's fairly substantial. I had so much fun making it, I am in the process of making another one. :)

Edited to add: Thank you very much for the anniversary wishes!!