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Bill and Jude's Excellent Adventure Boppard Day 1

Our first full day in Boppard... We ended up taking the train to Ruedesheim, strolling the Drosselgasse, (which we loved!) and just walking everywhere we could. Every so often we would see a little opening, and it would be an adorable little eatery or something. They had a few cute shops here and there plus more than one restaurant would have live music. Very festive! We ended up at the church (Sankt Jakobus?) and what really stood out for me were the brightly polished copper doors. They just looked so perfectly maintained. I knew I had to take a few pictures for my door-obsessed cousin.

Lunch was a fast burger and beer then we were on our way up on the Sielbahn cable car, to see the Niederwald Monument. I loved zipping up over the vineyards, and the scenery was great. The day was chilly, but halfway decent and clear for once. While at the top, we hiked around for a little bit, then grabbed the cable car back down. We got a couple of tickets for the KD boat back to Boppard and away we went. I swear we froze half to death but I was loving the fresh air and all those castles to photograph.

Once we got back to Boppard, we got dinner at Hotel Zur Krone then checked out more of the town. We first thought maybe we'd try a different place, and as we were standing there looking at the menu, someone on the inside came over and slammed the door shut and loudly locked it. We both just burst out laughing. Guess not... Lol. So that's how we ended up at Zur Krone. After dinner, we saw a gelato stand and we ended up getting one each night we were there. I think they were only one euro each...

More wandering and checking out the town, but it was pretty much all closed for the night so we just went back to our room and hung out there. We sweet talked the front desk into having our laundry done and they only charged us 5 euro for a load. Wash, dry, and fold. Ridiculously cheap. The end of another outstanding day.

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