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Bill and Jude's excellent Adventure Berchtesgaden Part 2

Day 7 was nice and dry so that was our Almbachklamm hike day. It was so worth the wait... what a blast we were having. Again... pictures, pictures, pictures. Don't even ask how many pages my Shutterfly book grew to be. We took our time and hiked about halfway, to Bridge #17. There wasn't a ton of people around us so it was actually very peaceful. Wildly beautiful and those waterfalls were spectacular! We just sat munching our trusty deli sandwiches, enjoying all the beauty around us. We wanted to go further but we also wanted to drive the scenic roads and check out more, so back we turned. It was just as stunning the second time around. Before we left, I got to use one of those stainless toilet pod-like things. What a trip... You get a certain amount of time inside, and you better be done and out of there before the water jets start spraying. It was like a car wash, I imagine. Certainly another first. My husband tried to peek in to see what it looked like, as the doors were starting to close. He practically got decapitated, there..

Off in the car and we decided to drive the Rossfeld Panoramic Road for a few hours. We enjoyed the scenery immensely. Plenty of times, we would just pull over and take pictures. The cows and their bells just amused me to no end. (It doesn't take much) We also drove through Bad Durrnburg in Austria and stopped to see and photograph the church. We couldn't get over how many churches there were. It seemed like every single teeny tiny town had their own. And they were all beautiful. Just so over the top.

Back to Ramsau. At the private request of a forum member, we stopped at a specific guesthouse on the outskirts of town and delivered greetings. We enjoyed a nice visit with them before we had dinner in town. We got to photograph that pretty little church before we had a very ordinary meal at one of the only places open. We were seated with a family and we enjoyed visiting with them, but that was it. The food was meh. Too bad we didn't go back to the Hotel Hindenburglinde.

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Another excellent report, Judy!
Ahhh, all those fascinating European churches, eh?

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I laughed at your potty experience. I'm not sure if they are like the automatic toilets in Paris or not? My RS guide in Paris had us in stitches laughing about her first experience with one. She and her college age friends were checking them out when they were first installed and one of them went in to have, as she put it, "A Big Moment". They didn't know there was a time limit and the door would automatically did and the person was still sitting there, uh, concentrating.

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I'm truly enjoying your trip reports Judy. Even though you may be novice travelers to Europe and planned your trip around those quintessential tourist areas, you guys are more like experienced travelers in your ability to go with the flow, be flexible when needed, and keep your options open to enjoy those serendipitous experiences that aren't planned. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful first trip to this beautiful area.

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Judy, you had no reason to be apprehensive about posting your trip report. You are obviously a wonderful traveler, and your reports are delightful. Keep 'em coming!

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Another fun day, Judy! Thank you for taking me along!